Burning Sky

unseen we breathed it in
and then back out again
until the fire lived inside
and darkness grew within our hearts
and tore love from inside the parts
of us we held so dear and deep and near
the brightest sun sank in the sea
and no one no where left to flee
a blood red sky knelt down and wept
and all that breathed was quickly swept
up in the raging flames burned all
to ash yesterday’s games a memory
but sadly no one left to see


(from a friend’s photograph)


even the signs
with their sharp edges
cold in the dawn
posts planted deep in concrete

even the smoke
billowing from stacks
where power is forged
to keep away the dark

even the poles
that carry the wires
stretching us from
mile to mile

know to reach for sky
for sun and light
wrapped in cold air
pointing ever upward

so we planted on earth
powerless and stretched
still reach to be carried


the softest touch
of cloud laid against
nights cheek
whisper to blue dreams
wrap all the tired pain
of this day
in seashell pink
lay it down for a time
cradled rest
swaddled like a newborn
brushed by treetops
sleep child
until the sun

Luke 17:20-21

A Pastor friend posed this question:

“How do you define the kingdom of God? Is it heaven? Or maybe the perfect evening with your family at your favorite restaurant? These answers are not wrong, but one thing’s for sure. The kingdom of God is not ushered in with visible signs. You won’t be able to say, “It has begun here in this place or there in that part of the country.” For the kingdom of God is something that is within your own heart.”
Based on Luke 17:20-21″

My response:

They asked Him for a map you see
To get to heavens shore and lee
His answer was within the key
He knew they would stay lost

You cannot get there by direction
Though easier if you make connection
The price is all and predilection
Proved that He would pay the cost

So look within and give without
Cling to the savior though you doubt
Receive and share it’s all about
The least will see most

If Jesus lives inside of you
His love will change the way you view
Put self aside, let Him shine through
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost

I am enjoying this rhyme scheme of aaabcccb, a pleasure to write and fun to read.

Louisiana Dawn


photo credit Caspiano Sunrise by Timmie McEachern

give me a pirogue
to where the sun is lazy
and oozes up from the swamp
at it’s own pace
where you can read the past
in the trees
standing in dark water
or stretched out waiting for turtles
to ease up for warmth
where the mist rising
is a quiet morning song
and the fish lurk deep
in the coolness
slapping the boat bottom
indignant at the interruption
of Louisiana dawn

The Snow Queen’s Loss

Terri Windling has a winter poetry challenge at her blog at http://windling.typepad.com/blog/

I had hoped to join all week but real life conspired against me. The challenge for today was the fairy tale The Snow Queen and there are beautiful images and plenty to read. This is my contribution.

every line so well thought out
close the door, remove all doubt
erased emotions strewn about
perfection wipes away the pain
what once was out now buried deep
wrapped up in walls, a heart asleep
to feel no pain and never weep
a ruse the only thing you gain

but love pursues as though the fire
sparks tiny light with hope aspire
braves danger, scoffs at warning dire
burns higher through the storm and rain
draws like unto itself and grows
lies patient in the winter blows
till one becomes a million glows
cold’s battle all in vain

melting snow left all alone
feed blooms left where
brightest love has shone

The Mirror


when I was young, my face too thin
my nose too short, my mouth too wide
dictates from the magazines
kept the soul curled deep inside
imprisoned by a silver box
that oft demands perfection
it takes us years to smash the ice
and take a new direction
but once compared I now set free
without a backwards glance
now worlds imagined claim my feet
on softest dreams I dance



Photo was posted on facebook as a prompt – I am not sure of the owner. If you find it here and wish it removed or would like me to give you credit please leave a comment.

Witnessing Sunset

Photo Credit Tommy Stone

Photo Credit Tommy Stone

wisdom where red feathers glean
the tiniest warmth from a setting sun
though dark would steal what once was seen
a beating heart holds what is done
and puffs up downy fluff to keep
a seed of bright and radiant heat
while all around the world does sleep



New Years Reflection Poem 2013

another year goes rolling by
in dappled sun or tunnel shy
greening spring of bluest sky
loud ticking of the clock
a saddened naked tree torn down
the baby Jesus with His crown
exchanged for winters foolish clown
and February’s shock

I hunker down by roaring fire
pen in hand to poem aspire
while frigid winds send warnings dire
blow faster than they seem
the dreamer sleeps the hours away
and misses words to help him say
and sleeping right on through the day
misses spring times dream

and yet inside reflected flame
unseen world awaits a name
no one could ever set the blame
the dreamer trance will end
then scribbling fast and faster still
thoughts tripping over words and will
real life can never match the thrill
poets inner sight portend

yet here a warning thought be said
one cannot live just in ones head
to keep the art from falling dead
the soul must outward turn
the outer feeds the inner heart
while inner lets the heart depart
embrace the both to make a start
a candles worth is in the burn

And Venus Watched the Sunset

Tommy Stone

Tommy Stone

a single tear
traverses a soft cheek
faraway goddess floating alone
in deepest blue cannot compete
gently clouded by shadow
sunset flames leave Venus
cold and solitary
jealous of a darkened earth

This photo was taken by Tommy Stone. The little white dot in the upper left section of the sky is really Venus!







The Pond Must Know a Secret


the pond must know a secret
it fills a hollow place
beauty mirrored in stillness
quietly waits in grace
weathers drought with patience
faithfully refilled
the pond must know a secret
how did it get so skilled

the pond must know a secret
see all around it grows
it’s silence sings to living things
even the marsh grass knows
the trees are fed and cluster near
cradle nest and fruit and seed
the pond must know a secret
made to be fed and then to feed

Photo Credit Tommy Stone

Where Thorns Would Grow

in winter deep
the colors sleep
beneath the mounded snow
a covered heart
broken apart
heals in the dark below
come greenest spring
the warmth will bring
a rose where thorns would grow

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Moon

Throw a log on top and
bank the coals
to keep the fire
for dark is coming soon
and watch though
it is barely there
the sweetness at
the bottom of the moon
the smallest detail lined in blue
just shadow, barely seen
reminds us that
in light and dark
the earth would stand between
so we must stand from sun to moon
when pain and sorrow fall
and cast a shadow on the land
be light and hope for all


thank you Ginger for the picture and Tommy for the line….


colors fade
a distant call as rising comes
the grayest fall
of evening shadowed blue and gray
mirrored neath a purple sky
the darkened trees will bend and sway
weighed down by dark
a solemn sight
woods stand brave
a last attempt
moon prevails
sun is spent

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Alice showed up late to tea
Mad Hatter ran away
the Red Queen’s off her meds you see
The solitary card was played
Tweedle Dee and Dum are gone
The magic pill was way too strong
and now the drink has spilled about
and all the partygoers flown
there’s nothing left of Cheshire Cat
his grin the last to pop
teapot broken, chairs are listing
table on it’s top
so go now Alice, better run
Find the hole and climb back out
the looking glass was made of ice
and if you stay then frozen too
no happily ever after
no second glance, the choosing done
there’ll be no other chapter

The End


(inspired by the photography of Ginger Cook)

A Dragon’s Tale

golden molten rays of sun
slip down between the boughs of green
her dragon sleeps curled at her knee
his wispy smokey snoring plays
a bass line to a melody
heard only in her mind and struck
by urgency she dips her quill and scratches
out a tuney tale as forest folk creep
closer still and curl up in the shady dale
and wait for storyteller time
and as she lays her feather down
begins to read they bob their heads
then dance and weave around her rhymes
and as the ending fades away
they slip into the shadowed gloom
the dragon wakes and winks and blinks
the story ended far to soon
but teller hides her parchment well
a hollow in the hawthorn tree
next to a stream so cool and clear
where dragon, deer, and sparrow drink
and rest, a merry tale to hear

Cold Dawn


photo credit Tommy Stone

You wouldn’t think it
would you?
Seeing the flame of sky
streaking the blue with the heat
of dawn,
that the cold reaches pale fingers
down to naked trees
and even the fish nod
in the frigid deep,
dreaming of jumping
for fireflies under a lazy sun.
Not for now.
You stand on the shore
shivering in the frosty glow
before trudging back
to warmth
and morning coffee.

Ice Storm 2013

I discovered that three days of no electricity, cloudy gloom and a house that doesn’t get about 65 degrees F is about my limit for nice. The fourth day I am mostly whiny and bitchy. There are many still with no power and groups from other states working in the cold to get things fixed. Trees down all over town, homes and cars damaged by falling limbs. People liken it to a tornado but there is a huge difference. Tornadoes kill people and I’ll trade broken trees and holes in roofs for that any day. Still, prayers for all who are still living in the cold dark. It was 18 here last night and supposed to be in the 20s tonight. We were blessed to have a fireplace but this has decided it for me – I will never own an all electric home again. We were so much better prepared when we lived in the country and had a gas stove and hot water heater and a wood heater in the living room that would heat most of the house.

2013-12-10 08.23.13

the clouds are not
just in the sky
they’re in my head
and in my eyes
and cold is living
in my heart
my bones about
to shake apart
frozen fields
and hardened ground
stinging air
frost makes a sound
a buzzing like
electric lines
while all that lives
lies still and pines
for warmth of sun
and light of day
but winter stays
and stays
and stays


The photo is taken in my back yard this morning but the poem was actually inspired by a photo taken by Ginger Cook – I recommend her photo blog http://gingersfunkyphotos.blogspot.com/

Ginger graciously granted permission to add her photo so here is the picture that started the shivery poem!

ice storm Dec 2013 Lamar County Texas

Hay Bale With Ice taken by Ginger Cook

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