Technology Academy

A group of us spent the last three days discussing technology integration and planning the tech fair for fall. It was a fun time and I think some good ideas came out of it. We have begun a wiki of resources for online technology integrated lesson plans. I think this wiki will grow as we all learn and get a little more comfortable with the collaboration process. I will eventually put a link to it on my blog.
I’m very excited to be presenting on blogging this fall. I am fairly new to blogging myself and lately I have been realizing that more of the public is peeking in. It inspires me to try constantly to improve the content. If people read and comment there is almost an implied contract that you as the author promises to have articles worth reading. It also causes me to rethink blogging as a whole. Who is your intended audience? Do you write for yourself or to share with others? Up til now I have posted on whatever was most on my mind at the moment and so as I look back over my posts it looks as though I have two entirely different blogs mashed together. Matbe I need to have a separate place to put personal stuff. I will spend a little time looking around and some other folk’s blogs with this thought in mind and try to decide if I want to change the way I have been approaching this. If anyone has any thoughts on that please share.