Timely Information

Vicki Davis has an article about Myspace on her blog – good stuff to know.

“Amazingly, THERE IS A WAY to remove things from Google cache. And with the National Association for College Admissions’s recent article on Myspace in College Admission, this will be a great thing for you to teach students to do after they clean up or delete their myspace accounts.”

Vicki has also been blogging the NECC 2006 conference and has tons of great information. I have enjoyed wandering through her notes and links. The same process during SXSW in Austin is what hooked me on blogging to begin with. I read everything I could find that was being blogged at that conference and discovered some of my favorite bloggers and web designers. At that time I was in the process of becoming a beginner at Cascading Style Sheets and while I am still definitely a beginner at least I know where to go for resources when I have time. Vicki is a great resource on blogging in education. Blogging is a great way to share conference notes with the folks back home who were unable to go. I hope that next year we will have some teachers blogging from TCEA!