Wes Fryer at TCEA

My notes on Wes Fryer’s presentation – The Case for 1:1 Computing

I will add the link to the podcast when he puts it up on his site.

Share a vision

Some great tools for saving clips from the web and accessing for presentations
Flickr creative commons
Google notebook

Journey we are on these days has incredible speed
1:1 learning
online podcast 15 minutes on school 2.0

silver bullet? There is no panacea that solves all the problems in education
1995 “prisoners of time” document

many things need to change
years from now people will be sitting around n nursing homes laughing about the debate way back on laptops in the classroom

the new phones (iPhone) more powerful than the computers that took us to the moon.


20th century was a read-only culture
21st century will continue to have read-only content but there will also be read-write
need to learn to use blogs to cultivate student writing safely

three main things
1. Majority of jobs in future will not involve a factory
2. Digital curriculum rocks!
3. Need fro RW & RO
4. Education (“v” and “t” words
5. Constructivism and constructionism

Who opposes this?

What changes your mind
Relationships and conversations

Echo chamber (in blogosphere this is hanging out with just people who agree with you)

“the Rise of the Creative class and A Whole New Mind – books to read

How are we paid – not based on how our kids do
We are paid by seat time
Bell defines learning – starts and stops
Learning doesn’t happen according to a fixed schedule
School controlling the time and place where you learn
You have to come to this place, at this time to learn

What will it take to thrive in 2065?
Sir Ken Robinson http://cjournal.concordia.ca/journalarchives/2005-06/oct_27/005225.shtml

With all the technology we have – we have no idea what the future work place will be like

Teach kids to do jobs that haven’t been invented to solve problems that haven’t been thought of

Not like a factory where you do a repetitive task, closely monitored

Robotics, building a robot, writing a program – constructionism
Thomas Friedman we are going to have to able to be flexible and be able to learn and unlearn

Who is going to solve the aids crisis, who will rid us of dependency on fossil fuel

Cooperation instead of competition with China and Pakistan

Presentation on Did You Know? http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/2006/08/did-you-know.html

Dan Pink author A Whole New Mind

Why the right brained folks are going to rule the world

We need to value creativity the way we value literacy
In a one to one environment where all students are able to pull down the world,

Wes fryer value add to the district is when he can take ideas and remix them and add productivity

Understand – describe, explain
Knowledge – remember

Critical thinking

Self directed work ethic (this is how students will get staff development in the future at work)
(online courses)


Wes Fryer


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