Follow-up On Kathy Sierra

In response to what happened to Kathy Sierra, a social networking site has been started by Andy Carvin at CyberbullyingHurtsLearning Now for discussion and resources to help educate everyone on Cyber-bullying. If you would like to add your voice or find out more you can go to Stop Cyberbullying and join in. Friday March 30 has been designated as Stop Cyber-bullying Day. This is a good time to talk with your children or students about the subject and maybe incorporate some ideas into your lesson plan. Bullying only works if the victim is alone –
Stephanie Sandifer has a great post on giving each other grace at Change Agency that I think is timely, well…anytime.

A great resource is the Center for safe and Responsible Internet Use.

If you blog with students there are some great discussion starters found on Andrew Pass’s blog and one in particular called Death threats is about the situation that prompted Stop Cyber-bullying. The discussion starters are linked to current events with thoughtful questions.

If you wish to place a picture on your blog like the one I have on this post there are some at Dangerously Irrelevant.