Random TV Movie Quote

I’m watching The Librarian : Return to King Solomon’s Mines on TV. I’ve seen it before but there is nothing else on and so I am reading, writing and keeping one eye and ear on the show.

The hero and the girl are traveling, walking through the sand when they stop suddenly because they see this head sticking up out of the sand with some kind of ceremonial makeup on. The head moves and startled the girl asks if he is okay. He responds with a slightly British accent, that he “has been better”.

Chuckle. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective….


For me, the summer is winding down and while it has been a time of rest and regrouping for my family, I’m getting the itch to get back. There are still things I would have liked to get done here at home this summer but we have been spending our time trying to adjust. Everyone is home and that is a new situation. We also know that our oldest will be a senior this year and the youngest a junior so it won’t be very long before they are out of the nest. I am certain I just blinked and they grew up. And who IS that person in the mirror. She wears bifocals and has lines around her eyes and some grey hair. I’m sure I don’t know her.

Oh well, at least I’m not buried up to my neck in sand.

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  1. Annette Thomas

    I kinda like having my head in the sand at times!Oh wait, you meant the other end in the sand!LOL Again, I guess it’s a perspective thing. Love ya, Nette

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