Monday Night Nerdery

I love Big Bang Theory!

Random customer in computer store: “Excuse me – which do I need – firewire or usb?”

Sheldon (Who does NOT work there): “it depends on which bus you have.”

Customer: “uh … I … drive a chevy cavalier?”

Sheldon: “Oh dear Lord! What kind of computer do you have and please don’t say a white one?”


4 thoughts on “Monday Night Nerdery

  1. Denise

    I chuckled at that one myself and was certain you’d pick up on it and post it. The next best line was to the store employee – “1234 is not a secure password.” Loved that one!

  2. erin

    I also liked when they were planning the party and Raj was asking Walowitz to ask Penny what to do if the guests were all girls. She said, “Just stand there staring at them and make them feel uncomfortable.”

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