Tuesday Ten

Or a typical day…

1.  My phone rings a lot (people think I know more than I do)
2.  I answer a lot of questions (evidently I know more than I thought)
3.  I need more answers! (I still need to learn more)
4.  I need to work on staying focused after interruptions (I’m a little challenged in that area)
5.  I need to prioritize (I like to make everybody happy – it doesn’t work)
6.  I’m glad I’m home (that makes me happy)
7.  Time to dig into the bible with friends 🙂
8.  The weather is awesome! (Cloudy and cool)
9.  After bible study I’m going to take a shower and curl up with a book ( a no-brainer)

10.  Tomorrow I get up and do it all over again! (I will need latte)


Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrpatrick/2939955644/