Profile Moving Day

Some things I learned while copying profiles over as we put teacher computers on the new domain:

Outlook express email and address books don’t ALWAYS come with the profile.  I’m sure there is some tiny obscure reason why this happens but it would sure be nice if it was OBVIOUS.

Microsoft Windows doesn’t make anything simple.

Many people do NOT know what it means when you ask them to clean out temporary files.

Keyboards are very personal things. After touching so many in one day it starts to feel like I am handling peoples’ tooth brushes (not something to dwell on).

No matter how many times (or how many ways…) you tell someone something important (like what their password will be) sometimes they just don’t hear you.

People really like to be able to print.

Moving Outlook is different from moving Outlook Express.

If there is no administrator password on the local machine you can still get in.  Hmmmph, who’d of thunk it.

Even though you technically sit at a computer, you get a lot of exercise walking from one computer to the next…

Next are the student computers – no email to deal with but for the labs that use deep freeze and schoolvue, I’m wondering how complicated it will be.  Every extra step adds to the overall time.

The main lesson – put the money out for servers.  This is not an experience you want to have first-hand.  For the individual computer user – organize and back up!

Jump drives are your friends!

2 thoughts on “Profile Moving Day

  1. Paige Lewis

    Your right about the keyboards having their own personal vibe to them. At the newspaper when you had to use someone else’s work station I would get the feeling of invading someone’s personal space. Kinda of unnerving in a way…

  2. Denise

    The keyboard thing really got me too. I wanted to either wash my hands or disinfect or BOTH when I left classrooms. And the student computers seem to be multiplying, don’t they? One more tip for individual computer users – clean out!! There’s no need to have as much virtual “stuff” as we all have.

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