Plastic Babies and Random Weirdness

Yesterday I walked into the office of a friend and she was going to show me baby  dolls that had been purchased for the kids taking the classes in parenting.  The dolls are realistic and are hooked to a computer so that if the baby cries and the “mom” doesn’t feed, change, love on it – it is recorded.  It records other things too.  As we were about to open the boxes to look at some her phone rang and I proceeded to get one out while she answered the call.

As I turned, looking at the doll and reading the warning on the package another friend walked in and I had to ask – isn’t this a tiny bit ironic?  The doll was in a plastic bag that carried the usual warning – Keep away from children, choking hazard, can cause asphyxiation.

As I told hubby about it that evening, he asked “Was the doll blue?” When I replied that it wasn’t he looked up from the paper he was reading and said “It’s not very realistic then is it?”

And people think my humor is twisted…

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