Do I Really Need More Exercise?

Yesterday while we were out running errands we stopped at a garage sale.  We got a deal on a stationary bike and an ab lounger – dirt cheap.  If you know me you know that I have been dieting and walking since the first of November and I am very near my goal.  The weather and time has been a big factor in walking.  Since I started this in November I walked through the coldest part of the winter and there were some times that it hurt to breath the cold air.  I walked anyway.  Rain is another story altogether.  I’m determined but not crazy.  Well, at least not crazy about walking in the rain.

At any rate, I had been watching for a treadmill or something that would allow me to get the exercise on bad weather days.  I was already loading up the bike and hubby asked if I wanted the ab lounger too.  He showed me how you use it and the price was right so we loaded it up too.

I didn’t think I had any “abs”.  Well at least not muscle… too much information, I know.  This morning, I find that I not only have them but they and my shoulders are yelling at me!  I don’t think the ab lounger and I will ever be BFFs but I will allow it to torture me if it helps me get to my goal and even set a new one.  Ouch – the yelling just hurt my ears!  My “abs’ and shoulders want to know if I have lost what little mind I had! They want to know what they have ever done to deserve this punishment?

I have promised them an oreo later if they will just shut up for now…

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