What Does Twitter Have To Do With Kidneys?

I admit that I am NOT in love with Twitter.  I have seen how it is handy to let a group sof interested people know something in real time all at once.  It just hasn’t been something I use very often.  I follow a couple of folks but that’s about it.  Then I read this article about a Dad in Bonham who was donating a kidney to his three year old son.  Updates were twittered from the operating room so everyone was able to keep up with the progress!

As someone who has waited through an entire transplant hearing very little until it was all over with I can tell you that it is pure agony and time seems to creep by one millisecond at a time.  What a blessing Twitter was for all the anxious friends and family!

You can see the “Twitter transcript” here and read the article here.

SHERMAN, TX -You may have heard of the website Twitter. You might even use it yourself, but on Monday, Children’s Hospital in Dallas did something that’s never been done before. They posted real-time updates of a major operation. A Bonham father and Sherman firefighter donated a kidney to his young son. Rita Kotey has the one-of-a-kind, 21st century story.

Love it!