One Word: Event

Forgot to post my One Word attempt yesterday.  The word was event and the site gives you one minute to write before the little timer “dings

They don’t call it a heart attack anymore.  Nowadays, it’s a cardiac event – like something you send out invitations to and clean up the house, maybe hire a caterer and bartender.  Maybe they think it sounds less scary but you can pretty it up all you want with words.  It’s still an insult to your life.

3 thoughts on “One Word: Event

  1. paschal

    The fountain at our church is, for some reason, called a “water feature.” It appears so ingrained that all the oldtimers use the term. Apparently, there was quite a debate about something around the words, all of which made no sense to me: neither the term, nor the debate. It’s like Austinites insisting on calling the Colorado River Town Lake; it’s a river, folks. You dam(n) it, it’s still a river.

    I like your musings around the “event.” Bartender’s probably a good idea. Maybe, at least, some finger food?

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