Be Anxious For Nothing

One Word Catching up from yesterday: Anxiety

Yellow chairs and a ceiling fan.  A 10×14 slab covered with a metal roof, looking out over the back yard,  No anxiety here, just peace.  Perfect place for a morning cup of coffee, scented by the cinnamon flavor.  A slight breeze, neighbor’s dog barks, sounds of traffic off in the background.  The world is waking up and dawn is opening one eye, not quite awake. .  An intermission before the play begins again.

1 thought on “Be Anxious For Nothing

  1. paschal

    Nice repose under that roof, early morning, good choice, good place to be. Had to smile at the “options” your title proffers: “nothing to be anxious about” or, from your “evil” twin: “it don’t cost nuthin to be anxious – we gives it out for free.”

    I know, I know: that cinnamon keeps the evil twin at bay.

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