Would I, Could I?

Wings_by_bigmanhaywoodSunday Scribbling prompt: Tattoo

that door slammed shut years ago
but if I could, should
would I
wings, angel
amethyst butterfly
both. one becoming if it listens
to the other
nothing big that needs
to be grown into.
not to be seen
secretly known
a reminder
the butterfly is always changing
beauty fragile
fleeting powder jewels
of shimmer color
dance in the air
no touching
damaged, thinned
bruised but still alive
trading one set of wings for another
if it glistens, listens
to the right shoulder

my spirit would

13 thoughts on “Would I, Could I?

  1. Sweetest in the Gale

    not to be seen
    secretly known
    a reminder

    We’re on the same wave length! I’m too old now to get one, but if I did, it would be just as you described in the above lines… :~)

    I loved your poem…it flowed and fluttered, just like a butterfly.

  2. paschal

    Too old? The beauty, I think, of henna. Or magic markers, if you please, our bodies endless, changeable canvases.

    This poem is a lovely jewel, I see you found another grey rock to split open: would I / wingsamethyst butterflyof shimmer color

    if it glistens, listens
    to the right shoulder

    my spirit would

    I think we’ve got the wings, they’re just that one oonce beyond our ability to feel them now…now.

    Peace, sister Dee.

  3. Dee

    Anthony, I don’t know that it is possible to NOT change unless we die.

    Sweetest – we’ll drink a glass of wine together and discuss our tattoos that we don’t have 🙂

    Paschal – I wear the wings under my skin. Sometimes they weigh me down but others? No gray rocks, just clouds and sky and impossible scenery. The butterfly’s wings may get a little ragged but that’s where the stories live isn’t it?

    Jeeves – glad you liked it.

  4. Dee Post author

    Granny – Thanks for dropping in and I am so glad you enjoyed it.

    Susan – bless you 🙂

    Linda – thank you so much.

  5. swapna

    Well Dee, this one was colorful.Loved the lines….”beauty fragile..fleeting powder jewels….shimmer…dance in the air…”

    We definitely were in a similar thought space :), nice to have company, anyday!

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