One Rainbow Word

One Word prompt: paintbrush

paint it blueicon1
paint it anything
but what it is
we see in colors of hurt
or love
pigment of heart or mind
or memory
memory to be
sunsets laying down peace
in warm hues strong blends
to soft to grey to gone
then dawn
the pieces of clouds with the rainy morn
white the fog
the golden afternoon
the green youth
citrus ripe and ready the canvas
credentials leaving blanks
to fill in later
sketched, blocked
with lines so clean
plenty of time for muddy
later  as the blend
the mix, the shades unsure
we have all the colors in the box
don’t worry about the lines
we all see what we want
what we carry
what we lost
painted over
hung on the wall
framed in dark
for some to see
my colors
can you see them

6 thoughts on “One Rainbow Word

  1. paschal

    Damn, girl, you got it goin on. I love all the bluegreen waves of this big sea/see poem, your mindsurf crashing every whichaway. Lovely buoyancy: gotta crush on this poem, he does.

  2. Dee

    Vinayak and Anthony – thank you so much.

    Paschal – love the crashing and the crushing 🙂

    Linda – glad you found me and that you thought it worth the trip LOL

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