Comma Karma

One Word: Comma

Comma comma
changing colors
fading like the sunset
the pause before the end
the but
the breath drawn in
the hitch
the I don’t know
but if I did
exclaimed or stated
would you
could you
hear me out
cut me slack
hang in
hang out
hang on
or hang up


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3 thoughts on “Comma Karma

  1. paschal

    Different from your recent surf-poems, this one a series of shoes dropping in the dark. Oracular: moments to reflect. I like “the but / the breath drawn in…”

  2. Dee Post author

    Thank you Anno and Paschal, can use all the good karma available and Paschal – I started to change those two lines and left them intentionally. Hope you got a chuckle. I’m off now to walk for JDRF but will finish reading at your place this evening when I get home. I’m hoping walking will shake something loose for the prompt: cheese…

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