Internet Explorer Commercial Break

If your company decides to use Microsoft Exchange 2003 for email you will have to stop using Firefox and begin using internet explorer or you will not have all the options that should be available like making rules and folders for emails and seeing the calendar in umm, monthly view??  I should also add that it acts ugly with Safari, Google Chrome and Opera as well.

If you begin to use internet explorer you will not be able to open attachments or links included in emails unless you turn off the pop up blocker in internet explorer.  If you turn off the pop up blocker in internet explorer and have either the Yahoo or Google toolbar, you will need to turn off the pop up blockers on them as well. If you still have problems with attachments and links you can go to options and download some mime security thing.  If you still have issues, go to tools and add on management and try to figure out which add ons you can turn off and still have your internet function.  If that doesn’t work, open Quicktime and if you get a message saying that files are no longer associated with Quicktime and do you want to restore the defaults and update Quicktime, click yes.

If you still can’t open an attachment or a link, try opening your email in Firefox.

Now wasn’t that simple? Better living through technology!  I’m just saying….

4 thoughts on “Internet Explorer Commercial Break

  1. not a fan

    I’m hoping that the powers that be in their infinite wisdom at some point allow me to forward emails to gmail. I so love dealing with Microsoft products.

  2. Dee Post author

    From your mouth to the ears of the powers that be…I have my life on gmail and I hate trying to look for things in multiple places places now. It was so easy to go from an email to google docs to the calendar and back again 🙂

  3. Dee

    Nope – I only meant to write places once. That should be a clue to how stressed I have been. I have also been trying different email clients to see which works best and easiest for the mac folks so I have email all over the place now. My favorite words right now are debacle and wackadoodle – they describe most of what I have been dealing with!

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