I signed up.  nanowrimo for those who don’t know, is about 50000 words in thirty days.  National Novel Writing Month.  I expect to fail miserably but I am committing to the attempt, so if the blog is a bit naked during the month of November or if I don’t comment on posts as much as I have then it means that I am writing…or having a nervous breakdown….or staring off into space wishing an idea would flutter by….

Notice the place for word count.  It’s mocking me already (said in an ominous tone as I pick up the meat cleaver!)


6 thoughts on “nanowrimo

  1. missalister

    Excellent news, Dee! What a worthy effort, cause and all that. You’ll do well. Just write like the wind and post the occasional tumble from your weeds here and I predict your readers will like the heck out of being a part of it all. I know I will 😀

  2. Annette

    Can we go to nanowrimo and see what your writing? Are you going to try to finish the Cass & Kell story? I want more! Love ya, Nette

  3. Dee Post author

    Thanks Prats and Robin!

    Missalister – I’m just hoping to get through with something that actually has a beginning, a middle, and an end 🙂

    Nette – you don’t actually upload your story there. You update your word count throughout the month and then upload (and it can be scrambled) at the end just to validate the word count. The idea is to just write and write and write and edit later – as in December LOL I hope to have readable pieces to post on my blog as I go along but mostly just write 🙂

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