Revitalizing Old Hardware Using Gnu\Linux and LTSP

revitalizing old hardware using Gnu\Linux and LTSP

rom-o-matic cds

over my head but interesting LOL

thin client

can’t afford a computer lab?
doesn’t have 1:1 student ratio
need to use old and obsolete hardware

linux is a kernal basically some device drivers to run your computer
finland linux torvalds wrote it
richard stallman created free software –
gpl gnu public license (virus of licenses – anything that is a derivative of this code has t be shared
reverse copyright

community of professional programmers contributing out of love, arrogance, helpfulness. financial motivation

the number 1337 – means ?


If you have a computer running linux you have access to all linux software – software repository

no licensing fees
no copyright infringement
better use of ram
no hidden TSR (terminate and stay resident)
strong control over user network and program permissions

os is more than just the desktop

linux terminal server project
1 fairly new computer then a group of older computers
server with nics
network interface cards
thin clients
fat clients
1 card getting connection to internet
one connection to the other computers

on average need at least 1 gb ram for each 10 thin clients
min requirements for thin clients
pentium II with 48 mg ram and 2 mg display card

attendee said he likes slackware – that it runs on old machines efficiently
slackware users install slackware once and then no changes
not a good system for beginners

aww the presenter has his mom running ubuntu 🙂

Linux is secure
permissions are read write or execute priveleges

setting up ltsp
older computers go into bios
boot menu
boot from server?
some don’t have that option
thin client – no hard drive to speak up – server actually running the programs
fat clients can be configured to run some programs
edubuntu easiest to get running
k12 linux as well 0 install on a usb drive and try it out
can run windows terminal sessions
can use with active directory
samba shares
can use with windows shares