Love Is A Gamble

Three Word Wednesday CLXXVI Lucid Righteous Salvage

The last thing he remembered was poking a dollar in the slot machine and the pictures lining up.  Bells were ringing, lights flashing and then they escorted him up to the desk where they paid him.  Five thousand bucks!  He hugged everyone around him and almost danced out the door.  He came around the corner of his truck and Stacy was waiting for him as though they had never fought.

“I’m sorry I got so mad, baby.  Forgive me?”  He heard the words and kept walking toward the truck door.  She swung that big purse like it was an extension of her arm.  Must have had a brick in it.

It was an excellent hit.  A righteous hit.  It was a good half hour before he was lucid.  He would never be able to salvage his dignity now.  Sucker punched by a girl.  Who knew?  He held the package of frozen peas to his eye and hoped to minimize the visible damage.  He would never be able to show his face at the truck stop again.

4 thoughts on “Love Is A Gamble

  1. Sepiru Chris

    Dear Dee,

    It is offerings like this that make perusing through the 3WW lists so rewarding.

    Nuggets of gold are always appreciated, and this one was a whole brick.

    Talk about a contusion to the funny bone; this piece had me literally start up in my chair with surprise followed by vicarious then real suffering; empathetic suffering with the narrator suffering the blows of fortune (thank goodnes this Fortuna didn’t have slings and arrows, no? Lady Luck WAS on his side, that night) and then real with my poor sides.

    My sides split so hard that my spleen and right kidney both slipped out. And, damaged, they weren’t even worth 5,000 combined.

    USD or pesos.

    Cheers, Dee. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. paschal

    I’m always prepared to duck when it’s you and love and a 3WW barbecue on hand. Sheriff Kali avenging, and in pursuit of the reprobates. The frozen peas are hilarious.

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