Just Words

Sunday Scribbling #205 Prompt: Fluent

words spin around my head
eddies of fonts and letters
sucked into the void of crowds
some loud
some just a whisper
a wing and a prayer
under my hair
a wispy breeze
stirs the leaves around my feet
the sentence
the story
the glory of stepping outside
of the world, they swirl
and curl up with ashen edges
on ledges, in corners
under the carpet swept
with a straw broom
into the room of
my mind unlocked
by a million keys
to see, to finally understand
the hand that writes
the dream alive
is yours for the listening
the glistening
river washed glass
of softest green
warm in the sand
bathed in sunlight rays
of days of singing filling
holes in our souls
or breaking walls winding halls
that connect us
language of life

29 thoughts on “Just Words

  1. paschal

    Quite lovely: an ode to all this glorious writing that fills you and flows from you. My favorites: “eddies of fonts and letters” and “river washed glass / of softest green”.

    1. Dee

      I had a visual of a snowglobe filled with different fonts, shaken up, spinning, coalescing then breaking apart and forming random words 🙂

  2. Jae Rose

    ‘The hand that writes the dream alive’ – how fantastic! Lovely piece celebrating what it means to play with language..Jae

  3. Nara Malone

    Beautifully done . reading it filled a hole in me. Especially this part:
    my mind unlocked
    by a million keys
    to see, to finally understand
    the hand that writes
    the dream alive

  4. Linda May

    Lovely writing Dee. I wish I could understand my hand when it writes, or my hands understand me and write those words that are special.

  5. bluebethley

    I enjoyed reading this celebration to writing — that long list of images caught just the whirling reality what I feel when I’m writing, such a connection and yet, the hands move almost separately from the brain! I especially liked the line “the hand that writes the dream alive . . .” Nice!

  6. old egg

    This poem is just so special as the myriad words, senses, illusions and ideas are poured out so fluently in a delightful mirror on one of our greatest gifts – communication. Dee your work is a real treat.

  7. Dee Post author

    Thank you all – sometimes the best surprises come when I let my hand go and keep my brain out of it 🙂

  8. totomai

    amazing how those random words will find its place would be a great story / poetry afterwards.

    just words… but it says a lot

    1. Dee Post author

      Thank you Totomai – I liked this one but I am also surprised by the reactions. I am never sure what people will like or dislike.

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