I took a walk today

spring flew in
on a blackbirds wings today
he perched in a tree behind the house
his cronies all around
returned from God knows where
and God knows where
they’re bound
they covered the ground like ebony jewels
a desert colored field
they startled with my passing by
and in turn startled me
as they flew up to a pale white sky
and carried my soul to see
and looking down
my wondering eyes
saw hidden in the weeds of brown
the fragile green protected by
last years leaves that fell
and purple vetch like amethyst
and yellow daffodil
then fickle darkness turned and fled
and dropped me on the way
but gently with the pear tree’s blooms
kicked loose as they fled aloft
gravity teased as to and fro
my landing feather soft
the breeze left by the work of wings
reminding me that once again
another winters chill survived
and darkness chased like blackbird thieves
leaves sun warmed air
for me to breathe

8 thoughts on “I took a walk today

  1. Andy Sewina

    Yeah, sounds like a cool walk, and I love the bit about the daffodil, cause that reminds me of spring too.

    Love the opening ‘spring flew in on a blackbirds wings today’

  2. Dee Post author

    Glad you liked it. The opening came to me on the way to the track and the rest wrote itself in my head. Then I had to hurry and get it down when I got home before I lost it 🙂

  3. paschal

    Good Lord, girl, this may be (may be? – IS) your absolute drop-dead most gorgeous poem yet. What a feeling for you it must have been for this to come through your body. My my my. I kept cribbing each new line as my favorite, then gave up – it’s all so dang gorgeous. Gotta say, though, that I lost my breath on and darkness chased like blackbird thieves . . .

    We are blessed by this one. Blessed midwifery, my my.

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