Wolf Moon Journey

Sunday Scribbling #208 prompt: alchemy  and Weekend Writers Retreat

The clearing was bright with moonlight, dew glistened on a spiderweb.  The evening was chilly but sweat ran down her face and pooled at the base of her throat. There was no sound but her breathing as she carried the wolf, sticking close to the tree line in case she was seen.

It was slow going, carrying his weight, even with all the strength of the wolf within her.  She knew where she was going.  She never wanted to return there, but he was hurt.  His own wolf strength might not be enough to heal him.

She plodded on.  He groaned and she rubbed her cheek against his fur.  “Shhh, love.  Trust me and rest. ”

He wouldn’t change now.  He was too weak and he wouldn’t have a chance in his human form.  She walked on through the night, losing all track of time, putting one foot in front of the other.  When it was nearly dawn and she didn’t think she could go much further, she saw smoke.

“Almost there, hang on.”  She staggered to the door and kicked it with her boot.  She closed her eyes for a moment, legs and arms shaking.  It all came rushing back.

The porch looked exactly the same as when she had last seen it.  The bench where the alchemist sat in the sun with the wooden box and garden tools by the door were exactly as she remembered.  She should.  He once saved her and this became her home.  She heard his footsteps approaching  the door and for a moment, had to fight the urge to run away.  The wolf in her arms held her in place.

He looked the same, only his hair had grown snow white. “Jae! Come in!”

The words came with more difficulty than the exhaustion would have caused her. “I need your help.”

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28 thoughts on “Wolf Moon Journey

  1. Linda May

    Yeah what Stan ski said. But I like also that the heroine was going to get help for the wolf even though she didn’t want to go back to her old home.

  2. Kate

    Excellent–I now only want to know what happens next, but what happened before, because she’s not at all happy about going back there…

  3. old egg

    How you draw us in with your brilliant writing. This looks like another Night Wings saga! Have you got time? It is as though you have written this piece just for me as I love wolves.

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