One Word Humor

Everybody has to get into the act 🙂

and the word really was : humor

I love April Fools Day

if you can’t find you can always Topeka it.  Google also had a vowel outage this morning.  🙂

4 thoughts on “One Word Humor

  1. paschal

    I was so sleepy when I wrote my piece, I completely missed the joke. Didn’t see the trifled-with home page at all . . . Yikes. The More Fool am I.

  2. paschal

    I’m guessing that, like my publicly schooled son, y’all North Texans did not get Easter Monday off. A blessed Easter to my favorite dirt clod and her familia. From a big ole clod himself.

    1. Dee Post author

      Thanks professor and no we did not get Monday off 🙂 Sunday church and lunch with old friends at a little white country church complete with steeple, fried chicken, corn muffins, and strawberry shortcake. Lovely day!

  3. Gel

    A day for humor. Always love this. My kids still know to watch out for mom’s “unconventional” jokes, many of which they have believed. Dear Dee: Yes, I’m several days late for April Fools, but I can explain. I lost my Ruby Slippers (and GPS and someone bought my “cell” phone because I confused my homonyms. Then, I found an in-Tree-ging forest so unlike the one in my backyard. Before I knew it, I began skipping deeper and deeper into the woods and lost all track of time (as if I “watch” that…) I took pity on a crying lion who pleaded for my socks, so I was stuck in Kansas primarily due to a toe-peek-uh dilemma. Now, days later, I’m back home and DEE-lighted to have found a “word-play” mate! I’m still laughing about whether or not my teeth are “pasted” together.

    Your E. Sunday sounds wonderful: good friends and great food! 🙂

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