A Walk On The Beach

I had no idea where I was going with Three Word Wednesday prompts brash, lubricate, and saint until I visited here and took a walk on the beach. click.

a night at the beach what is left

toes covered in sugary sand

lubricated by coconut lotion frosting

seagulls squawk and dive

in sunglass mirrors

brash waves run up and tease

leaving bits of flotsam

angel shells

seaweed hair

siren songs

salty jetsam ain’t no saint

hips swaying

Beach Boys playing

cool breeze drives the sun down

down into the deep

just follow the moonlight trail

to the end of the world

where dawn sleeps

17 thoughts on “A Walk On The Beach

  1. Leo

    hey this was very vivid in imagery..
    a picture would have made this pictureperfect i thought! πŸ™‚
    lovely use of the three words…

  2. Ann (bunnygirl)

    I’m not much of a beach person – it’s always seemed more fun in the imagination or the memory than in the present. But I like the imagery here. A perfect beach memory.

    1. Dee Post author

      My libra personality makes me undecided – I love the beach and the mountain equally…so where do I end up? The piney woods LOL

      1. Ann (bunnygirl)

        I’m a capricorn and I love the mountains and the Texas hill country. I’m married to a pisces who can spend hours and hours at the beach, staring at the water, until I’m in tears from boredom. A high cliff over a rocky beach can capture my imagination, like in Maine, but ordinary sandy beaches not so much. I’m sure the hubby and I didn’t set out to be astrological stereotypes (or at least I didn’t) but there you are.

      2. paschal

        How did I miss the Libra indications? Ms Tina, also a Libra, has the dubious distinction of living with her Scorpio mate. We’re both saved by the fiery Sag in our midst.

  3. paschal

    salty jetsam ainÒ€ℒt no saint

    And that’s just my favorite flavor amidst a shower of flavors; love that last line, too. Mine was the poem of an abstract head; this is the poem of a woman who knows . . .

  4. Jay Thurston

    A sunset over the ocean, what a great inspiration. Unfortunately I live on the “sunrise on the ocean” area of the country, and I’m not getting my butt out of bed that early. πŸ™‚ Vivid scenery in your work, nice job!

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