How To Deal With a Fissure

Still reading Vivian Shipley and One Single Impression prompt was Fissure so:

you need not holler
Sound will bounce around here
and the animals won’t like it
things get dislodged

Steer clear of the edge because
chunks can slip
and age worn rock defies grip
though water darkens patterns

If there is a tree with an eagle in it
do not sing and do not look up
he has been testy lately
and views you as trespasser

You can go around or
down but no jumping
is allowed and blood takes
eons to wash away

a guide will tell you
follow well marked paths
leave a prayer in the niche
or place your hand inside

snakes have the right of way
no matter what the sign says
and old spirits may whisper
politely nod or bow, either will do

Wind will find the way and
fissures, crevasses or outcroppings
change the pitch and light
free parting gifts for all customers

A wonderful young blogging poet introduced me to “Lantern Poems”.  You can read hers here. They are centered and each line has a prescribed number of syllables so that the poem takes the shape of a Japanese lantern. Here is mine.

too wide
to cross alone
your hand

empty space
a fissure opens
hearts touch

fine veined
rain carved fissures
dark minerals

Mine are not quite right 1 word at top and bottom but not one syllable.  I may need to play around a little more

4 thoughts on “How To Deal With a Fissure

  1. paschal

    Sister Dee, your range is formidable: short syllabics to stately dignity. There may not have been tears with your “Fissure” poem, but there is plenty awe at the elegance and facility of your finely sculpted lines. I felt as if I were reading a poet who’s been writing for years: you know your marble well. If you’ve not read Mary Oliver, then you must: you’re writing right up her alley.

    1. Dee Post author

      Will check her out next. So little time and so much to read and learn. Many thanks for these comments that I stick in the back of my jewelry box and when the rainy days come I just turn off the lights and open the box and the light pours out 🙂

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