Sunday Scribbling prompt: Courage

they show up when
you least expect them
you flip on a light and
jump back in terror then
can’t help but imagine
darkness and shadow and
corner and behind and way
on the down low
they wait till I walk in the room
with no shoes on
give shivers and quivers
and trembles and shakes on
they know how to hide
and just when to jump out
my shoe is too little and what
if I miss or make all
eight legs angry and what
if they jump or instead
of a squish I hear a loud hiss
as they turn to run at me
with tiny teeth gnashing and
ready to bite or at least
crawl up my pant leg
hide out in a pocket
creeping up
to my ear drum
and into my brain
or climb up a drain when I
soak in the bathtub there
is no escaping they are
skittering and scraping
I’m doomed in my room in
the yard in the basement
oh what if they find me
please do remind me how
I am much bigger and stronger
and I will live longer if
I just have courage and
lots of big shoes that
I can choose to throw and stomp
and smash and romp
squash and mash the
little spider hiding under
beds and rugs and kitchen counters
and oh I don’t know could
you just would you please
kill that eight legged beast
for scaredy cat me

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26 thoughts on “Courage

  1. Peggy Jo

    Love it Dee!

    I put spiders outside unless they are the nasty type…then I find a shoe, newspaper, or whatever is handy to do the deed.

    Jeggy Po

    1. Dee

      I would do that except that putting them outside means I have to do the putting and that ain’t happening….

    1. Dee Post author

      yes it is and it has been a giggle kind of day. The kids are now gone back to school but I enjoyed their visit and then did the supreme immature thing. I ate ice cream for supper (and I do NOT mean dessert)

  2. Denise Moncrief

    I enjoyed your post very much! My opinion? The only good spider is a dead one. I’ve felt this way since I found one large hairy brown spider in my two-year-old’s shoe. That was nine years ago. Take courage, Dee. And lift that shoe.

  3. Old Grizz

    were we married once? Once I had a wife deathly afraid of spiders. There was no cure for her. Cute and funny poem but my ex would scream just reading about them. However, I like the little fellows. They keep the flies and gnats at bay.

  4. old egg

    It must be the 8 hairy legs that are the problem as they probably do more good than most of the other critters that invade the house, which have more or less than that!

    Delightful poem!

  5. Jae Rose

    The picture made me smile -thank you! And the lovely lilt of your words also made me smile..darn spiders (and the bigger things in life that you can’t quite squish with a shoe, no matter what size your feet)..Jae

    1. Dee Post author

      I’m not as afraid of them as I used to be but I DO have a strong dislike. Do you think there are spiders in the hundred acre wood? I would hate to think that there are spiders with the honey and piglet and roo…

      1. paschal

        I follow in my abuela’s footsteps: she was a big fan of the critters. As for the Wood, I’m betting Tigger either stomps them or Owl bores them to death with his stories.

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