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Sunday Scribblings #215 -Recipe

Okay, this isn’t really a recipe and I will post an actual one later. I thought it was past time for another Night Wings story. I would also like to take a moment to thank the bloggers at Sunday Scribblings for posting a prompt week after week.  It has taken me on the most surprising journey and introduced me to other bloggers prompt communities.  What a blessing it has been!

Kystel turned the pages carefully.  “Well it’s definitely not a cookbook!”

Emelia snickered.  Ralph frowned at her and touched Kystel’s hand.  “Look here!”  He turned to the middle of the book.

“But…the pages are blank!”  Kystel looked at him puzzled.

“It’s not finished.”  Ralph grinned.

Kystel turned back a few pages and found a drawing of a group of people crowded around a prostrate winged figure.  There was light all around them and she could make out details of their faces.  There was Emelia and Lolly, Ralph, Arkin, and Sloan.  In the midst was a girl with long brown hair streaming, wings extended and covering all of them.  Their translucence allowed light and shadow to show through but the light was concentrated on the face of the one on the ground.  “Ryall!  But how?”

“That wasn’t there yesterday.” Ralph looked triumphant.

Kystel looked back down at the book, turning the pages back.  There were diagrams of inventions and pictures of  a skinny guy working over them.  She found pictures of the pendent that Emelia now wore and poems and stories hand written.

“But how?  Or who?  Kystel knew she was sounding like an idiot.

“I don’t know.  Writing appears on the pages and it either shows something that has happened or points to something we should do.  I look at it every day to see if there is anything new.  This morning these pictures were there.”

“There is a name inside the cover.”  Kystel ran her fingers over the old fashioned writing.

“Simon.” Ralph said.  “I think he talks to us through the book.”

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14 thoughts on “Night wings 13

  1. old egg

    There is a magnetism in your writing that even with short posts like this draw the reader into the Nightwings world.

    You have certainly got me hooked.

  2. Dee Post author

    Thank you both of you – to say you are hooked or look forward to my stories – those are the greatest compliments!

  3. Jae Rose

    I love how you have summed up the recipe for books so beautifully -‘things that have happened or things we should do..’There is a great sense of intrigue and wonder in this extract.The characters remind me of children who are discovering books for the first time. Makes me wish I could go back to the excitement of ‘Jam Pandas’ and ‘Teddy Robinson’ (not sure if you have either in the US but they were great!)..Thanks as ever for your visit..Jae

    1. Dee Post author

      I don’t recall either of those books but I may have to go hunting for them now. I remember books from childhood – our first introductions that eventually lead us here to write!

    1. Dee Post author

      here is where I experiment and play but I am starting to see some things gel – at least in my mind 🙂

  4. paschal

    Me gusta this wonderful Betty Crocker. Simon is definitely an enduring archetype: in three extended fictions now? How cool is that.

    1. Dee Post author

      either that or I am losing my mind totally. Will have to let him land somewhere permanently but it has been fun to ramble in and out. Seniors gone as of noon. Now we pack to move to the new high school and get through flex week.

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