Basic Black

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One Word: Dress

It was black and simple and she had saved for two months.  It was perfect.  She got her hair and nails done and knew this would be the night.  He picked her up and took her straight to his place without even buying her dinner.  The gun matched the dress.

4 thoughts on “Basic Black

  1. Linda Goin

    Oh, you’re a writer after my heart. I’m taking a memoir writing class (my second go-round) and we commit to ten-minute prompts that can be so revealing. One minute prompts? You’re amazing.

    1. Dee Post author

      I usually just take the word and cheat on time but it is fun to see if you can move past the second of panic and just do it 🙂 You should try out the website. New word everyday. Click go and write in the space they provide until the little dinger thingy goes off.

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