Writers Island Prompt#5 Blindside

I don’t know much
for sure it’s such
a truth that I know
less than last
the past is gone and
isn’t it just like the present
to visit when I’m not home
dancing in the future
a barefoot roam
certainty was solid
once but shifting sand
was all it took
to creep behind me
sneak up on me
turned my head and
blinked a breath
the side I couldn’t see
was always where the
trouble be and just
when land seemed
close at hand
the storm blew in and
blackest night took
out my sight and
with a tug the rug
that was my home and faith
was shaken and no longer
a phoenix bird can rise again
I heard and though
I’m not a bird
I learned a bit you know
about the rising from
the ashes from the
crashes life bashes
blindsided upside
down and inside out
a doubt just close
your eyes and breath
and pray

10 thoughts on “Blindside

  1. paschal

    A prayer in itself: this reads aloud wonderfully. I was particularly struck by the identity of the narrator. Would you say it’s you? Or someone else? Love the way the lines topple in on themselves.

    1. Dee

      It was me, remembering past things. You go along making plans, working toward one thing and life has a way of changing your path. You change because you have no choice and while you are in it you think it is something you can’t recover from or adapt to. You do and find there are blessings hidden in the change if you are willing to embrace them.

    1. Dee Post author

      thank you, Pamela. I didn’t want to end it with something along the lines of it will all be okay…because it isn’t always so for everyone. Sometimes all you can do is close your eyes….

  2. Lawrence C

    Wonderful! I especially like how you begin to stagger and stutter the rhyming, giving a great thorough sense of the foundation of the “everyday” words you use, shifting and losing its solidity. Great sense of the feeling of being blindsided. Great poem, thank you!

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