The Track

Lisa like to walk the track early in the morning but today was different.  There had been too much to do and by the time the shopping was done it was too hot.  Trevor helped her do a few chores around the apartment and grabbed them a couple of salads from the deli for supper.  When the sun started to get low in the sky, they headed to the track and parked in their usual spot.

“Looks like rain.”  Lisa said as she stretched next to the car.

“Yes, but probably not til late tonight.”  Trevor locked the car and looked back to the north.  The sky was dark far off on the horizon and the you could taste the rain in the air.  “Looks like on of those summer storms.  Lots of lightening and thunder but I bet it doesn’t last long.”

Lisa frowned. “I hate lightening at night.  It keeps me awake.

Trevor grinned.  “Come on you big baby. The walk will help you sleep.”

They started briskly around the track,  the air heavy with humidity but the breeze helped cool them.  “This place is so empty.  I guess everyone else did their walking this morning.” Trevor looked around at the deserted park. “Maybe we should come in the evening more often.”

As they rounded the south end of the track they neared a walking bridge that led to the ball field.  Lisa hated that bridge.  Even on the sunniest days she got a little shiver and walked a little faster as she passed it.  It led over a deep drainage ditch. Tall weeds grew around it so you couldn’t see the bottom.  The storm would wash dust from the track and debris from town down the gully and Lisa didn’t like to think about what might be down there.  As they passed they heard the sound of a guitar playing under the weathered wooden structure.  Trevor stopped.  “Do you hear that?”

“Probably some teenager. What are you doing? Trevor, don’t!”  Trevor climbed down the steep bank, next to the bridge, holding on to tall weeks to keep from slipping.

“I’ll be right back!  This guy is good – I just want to see who’s playing!”  Trevor disappeared behind the curtain of weeds and shadows under the bridge.  Lisa stood at the edge of the track, craning her neck to try to see.  She wasn’t going to follow him.  “Trevor?  Come on!”

The guitar stopped.  She heard rustling and grunting.  “Trevor?  Are you okay?  Come on, let’s go!”

Lisa heard the sound of laughter.  Not giggling cheerful someone told you a good joke laughter.  The sound made her stomach twist and and she shivered.  She backed away from the edge of the track.  “Trevor?”  She called quietly.

The guitar chords drifted up to her.  She backed up against a tree on the other side of the track, tears running down her face. She sunk down to the ground, leaning her head on her knees.  “He will come back. He will.  I’ll wait.”

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    1. Dee Post author

      walking track across the street from the old high school. It is public so they may just keep using it. On weekends it contains several fields of families playing soccer. I often walk alone and early so I like the openness of it.
      I have never walked across that bridge…

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