In The Dark

Adelyn lay still in the dark, staring at the sliver of light shining around the edge of the drapes in the motel room.  In the light she was tough and all business but here in the silence, the fear crept over her, smothering her like a blanket that was too heavy.  She could just make out the lump he made, wrapped in the bedspread on the floor.  She had offered to share the bed, but he said he was used to the floor. Maybe it was the pistol she set on the nightstand next to her. He moaned quietly in his sleep.

She shivered thinking about the day and this new responsibility.  What would daylight bring.  If they made it to daylight.  Adelyn hated the dark because she couldn’t see what was coming.  She loved it because whatever was coming couldn’t see her.  She glanced over at the glowing green numbers of the alarm clock for the thousandth time.  Three in the morning.  She wished for a switch that would let her turn off her mind.  Adelyn willed her eyes closed. She needed sleep.

1 thought on “In The Dark

  1. paschal

    Limbering up for the new run. I like the drape-sliver, always have. Some things just HAVE to find their ways to our writing: like the slapping slam of a screen door.

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