Writer’s Island #11 prompt: Treasure
we search and lurch
from dream to dream
hoping for well
that makes us less
or makes us more
yearn for shore
on the shore now
thirst for
what was first but now
is last beginnings never
last for we
are moving ever
forward when we
only want to stop the clock
and stay a moment
for a day or maybe longer
time to hold it in
be stronger than
we were the daydream
passes without notice
hours and minutes
taken from us
by the choices
voices of
the ones we love
and those we don’t
the soundtrack in
the background wind
will blow the treetops
over and the shade will hover
for a second then
the sun will out again
our breath our heart
beat from within
without the hands that
hold our days and ways
of passing time
the search is quest is
journey through
the best is still
a part of all our
memories of days
and trees

4 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. vivienne blake

    I love the formless stream of consciousness-form of this. The trouble with reading it is that so many of the lines set off my own s-of-c and I have to go back and read it again: a successful poem.

  2. Elizabeth

    There is a sort of breathless feel to your poem and when I read it aloud, it was much easier to fully take it in. And I agree with Viv, the sense of stream of consciousness is there, but this stream has a focus throughout its distance and toward its destination. Thank you for this one,


  3. Dee Post author

    Thank you Vivienne and Elizabeth. I think the greatest treasure of all is that we get to make this journey and even what doesn’t seem like treasure at the time becomes value viewed through the lens of memory 🙂

  4. paschal

    My favorites: that makes us less / or makes us more / underwater and the sun will out again. I’d like to be less or more underwater, too.

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