July 16 Broken Morning

Writers Book of Days prompt – an hour before sunrise

you’ve heard it said
that morning has broken
as though it were pieces
shattered and tattered
with some that are missing
the holes left are hissing
and starshine is leaking
the moon peaking out
through cerulean skies
is confusing enough
can you fix it it’s tough
to have night showing
through when dreaming is due
but she said that she could not
or would not I think but I
smiled as the sunset and sunrise
both pink blended into each other
and clouds hid the mistakes
til thunder could shake
and the lightening illuminate
all of the problems the rain
would erase and washed clean
we all sighed in relief
as that thief of a morning
stole over to afternoon
showers and golden eve
bowers shade all from the
harshness of summer sun
sinking what’s that you ask
thinking another strange way
to describe the sun travels
as daylight unravels and
sunlight gives way to the
lamps and the fireflies
and stars wink like ladies
in blue satin dresses
and moonlight flows down
like a lover’s caresses
It twists in my mind and
makes me quite tired
it’s work to use words
to describe this creation
so give me a pillow
and something to read
the simple things really
are all that I need

3 thoughts on “July 16 Broken Morning

  1. paschal

    I’m thinking that you wrote this at breakneck speed, like slipping through river rapids, words falling and rolling all round. A sweet bedtime lullaby quality to this.

    it’s tough
    to have night showing
    through when dreaming is due

    1. Dee Post author

      The first lines came during my walk. The rest – I was chewing on worry and baking cookies, jotting lines as I waited for the trays to bake. Fast but in chunks before the timer would buzz 🙂

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