July 19 Wolves Take What They Want

Writer’s Book of days prompt: Write about a time you got what you wanted

Again – these prompts come from the book Writer’s Book of Days by Judy Reeves

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Wolves Take What They Want

The shadows hid him, the dark gray of his fur blending into the darkness.  He watched them, barely breathing.  If Aedan had been in wolf form he would have smelled him.  His sense of smell in human form was enhanced but the wind was blowing his scent away from them as they sat there talking.

What could they be talking about?  It took self control to not charge and take him down now.  It would be easy while he was human and then he could play with the little wolf girl.  He remembered the taste.  She was his first, but not his last.  Aedan kicked him out of the pack.  He would be repaid for that.  But not yet.  He had to be patient and let this play out.  Let Aedan think he was getting everything he wanted and then he would take it from him.  His pack, her, his life.

He would have to be careful.  The old man was gone but he would return.  He protected them and he had power.  Liam had been watching him for some time, trying to figure out what his part was.  The girl stayed with him.  He would have to do something about him.  He turned and loped into the woods.  He had no pack, but he had his anger. He would get everything he wanted, Aedan be damned.

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5 thoughts on “July 19 Wolves Take What They Want

    1. Dee

      I have GOT to learn to hurt my protagonists. I like them and then HATE to have bad things happen to them. This is a problem! This is my stab at bringing a bad guy in to the story. Now if I can just pull it off.

      1. paschal

        An interesting predicament. In all my fiction, I don’t believe that I’ve ever had to consciously inflict pain on my protagonists: it just seems that as their lives unfold, pain inevitably will find them, and the nemeses will appear. I think you’ve got that same organic process lurking, but you da judge.

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