Three Word Wednesday CCII Grimace, Phase, Stumble

each phase of life must carry
change and also
inability to change that chafes
and blisters feet too tired
too sweet the choice that
lets us move through meadows
green and easy though
the valley waits and peace
is not around when needed
what is heavy
bows the shoulders
faces grimaced with the pain
of rain that falls like rocks
and feet that stumble
smallest stones make
blistered heels when
choice is made by
others or by life itself though
we would take a different
path the way is steep and
shadowed and we climb it
every day and night and
pray for different paths of
our own choosing often
losing sight of stars and sun
and shady trees and winter
freeze the seasons change
and so will we and burdens lifted
life unscripted dreams unsifted
we are blessed and stressed
and tested daily just
keep walking
scenery changes all life
changes all life hinges
on those phases we must go
and grow and show the
scars compare the joy
the peace the pain
the life
we gain

3 thoughts on “Choices

  1. swapna

    this one painted a lot of scenes.Its so true to opt for new paths when we lose sight of shining stars and sun.The words all made sense to me.

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