Maid for Better

Creative Copy Challenge #68

Use the following words and then highlight them.

1.    Bellybutton
2.    Digital
3.    Ding-a-ling
4.    Guacamole
5.    Iceburg
6.    Kangaroo
7.    Nail
8.    Percent
9.    Speed
10.    Vacuum

Roz heard the irritating little ding-a-ling from upstairs.  She sighed and glanced at her digital watch. It had to be the twentieth time today and it wasn’t noon yet.  She still needed to vacuum and that old iceberg upstairs would want her lunch at exactly twelve-thirty, not one minute after or she would be ringing that blasted bell.  She smoothed her pink nylon uniform and straightened the prissy little lace cap. It seemed to represent this entire house.  Silly little useless things covered every surface and served no purpose other than to catch dust.

“Coming” Roz called as she trudged up the stairs.  She started to chew on a nail and then remembered how Miss Alice lectured her the last time she noticed her nail polish was chipped.  She could still hear that whiny high pitched voice. “If you are going to wear that atrocious color at least refrain from chewing your nails.  Show some self control!”  Every line punctuated by her little kangaroo arms waving bird like claws.  Wouldn’t she have a fit if she knew about the bellybutton ring.  The thought made Roz smile for a minute.  She took a deep breath and opened the door. “Yes, Miss Alice?”

“Have you started lunch yet?  You know I like my meals on time, and could you fluff my pillows please? Her little wrinkled nostrils flared and contracted as she tried to suck in enough air.

“Yes ma’am.  I made some guacamole and salad. It is chilling and I will bring your tray at the regular time.”  Roz held her bony shoulders up and fluffed the pillows though the skinny little thing barely made a dent.  Ros smoothed the lace bed jacket and straightened the bow.

“Well see that you are one hundred percent on time on time!  Did you finish the downstairs yet?”  Her baby bird neck vibrated as she spoke.

“No ma’am.  I was just getting ready to vacuum.” Roz pushed her hair back.

“You are lazy.  I won’t tolerate incompetence.  You know there are other girls out there who need employment, and fix these pillows!”

“Certainly Miss Alice.” Roz reached for the pillow and with speed she didn’t know she possessed, crammed the pillow down over the old woman’s face.  It didn’t take much strength or time before everything was silent and peaceful. Roz went downstairs and plugged in the vacuum cleaner.  She hummed as she worked.

1 thought on “Maid for Better

  1. Jae Rose

    What a little dark horse Roz is! That was some challenge working around all those words..If you hadn’t had referenced the ‘creative copy challenge’ I would never have known it was based around prompted words – it flowed beautifully (and had a corking ending!)..jae

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