A Litany

Three Word Wednesday CCIII : abstain, halo, prayer

cling to prayer
from sin abstain
halo glow
amen refrain
trials may come
bringing pain
cling to prayer
solace gain
feathered wings
heaven’s rain
blessings mixed
the game is fixed
all in vain
confusion stains
but God reigns

I think this needs some work but there it is…

5 thoughts on “A Litany

  1. Jay Thurston

    I liked it Dee.. it starts pure but as it goes along, it seems to derail the original purity, then comes back in the end with a simple remembrance of “God reigns.” It’s almost a portrayal of a timeline of a religion.

  2. Dee

    Thanks Jay – maybe that’s what bothered me. It seemed muddled but it’s true that we are all pretty muddled where religion is concerned 🙂

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