Hope Comes Creeping

Sunday Scribbling 229: Dangerous

I am afraid of many things
of sharks that bite and
bees that sting and spiders crawl
upon the wall and yet the thing
that most of all can
make me whistle in the dark
take the long way round
the park and feign the coolest
nonchalance is not a
living slimy creature nor has it
a furry feature unseen or
heard a little bird that
cruelly whispers in my ear
and tells me that the morn
is near and dark will end
and second chances
come around like dollar
dances changing partners
changing songs
all that is within me longs
to just believe and yet
a part just cringes deep
within my heart
for if I hope I dare
I leap I risk a disappointment
deep and silly me
I’d rather not I’d really just
as soon hold off if I
have little to expect then also
little to regret and yet
the whisper drags me in
pulls me in holds me in
the thrall of all the dreamers
silly schemers crazy weavers
of optimistic silky webs that
catch me and unhinge me
I am left without the armor
where’s the harm she sings
and I just cling and close my eyes
and say I’ll take a ticket please
the ride is worth it and the ups and
downs the clowns and even
scary thrills and chills uphill is
better than the boring flatlands
of my hiding place

6 thoughts on “Hope Comes Creeping

  1. old egg

    I loved the busy rhythm of this piece and could almost hear a little girl get out of breath as she expounded all those fears, realizing that in the end she must brave the scary ride.

  2. Gel

    Dee, This is delightful a picturesque landscape of your dilemma of “risking disappointment.” It flows melodically, as if I was floating on a stream through your mind. Love the creative and philosophical bent to this poem. I, too, still buck up in case of rejection/disappointment but that boring alternative says it all. Tis better to have lived than stayed “safe.”

  3. Dee Post author

    Thank you so much everyone – I am missing this blog but school/work is starting and we are undertaking to remodel our kitchen ourselves so not a whole lot but dust going on right now 🙂

  4. anno

    Love the way you sashayed through this poem, twirled this prompt around, showed it a good time. Much more fun than staying safe.

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