Fearing Change

from a picture prompt http://browse.deviantart.com/photography/?order=24&off%20set=96#/d2wry7t

she ran and ran
til breath was harsh
and burning in her chest
then ran some more
as time and time had
passed and she did rest
and sinking down
upon the ground she slept
til morning rose
awakened by the song
of birds in trees and by
the sun and breeze she
wrapped her arms around
her knees and laid her head
and wished and said
I will not wish for foolish
things like lace and feather
and diamond rings
I only wish for songs to sing
and laughter in the afternoon
some bread to eat
a cozy room a pillow
soft to lay my head

she had not run near
far enough for all
her problems waited
for her to return and
go she must and trudging
through the summer dust
and dried up leaves
she headed home but
something happened
as she roamed she knew
the answer though unasked
she’d live inside her head
and heart til as the time
would pass some more
the wolf would come
and at her door the howl
would beckon in the night
and she would overcome
her fright and go with
moons and tunes and
in the dark their voices raised
greet moonlight phased
for lovers choices