2 thoughts on “September 2

  1. Miss Alister

    Well, Ms Dee, the oneword was still “trees,” which I already did. So I’m going to comment on Sundays. I hope you don’t mind. Forget Sharon Olds. Her style wouldn’t suit what’s on my mind. Here’s my comment:

    It was Sunday mid-morning and the Sunday Scribblings prompt wasn’t up yet. Marigold looked at the date and time on her computer, just to be sure it was Sunday. It was. She’d only have time to write a flash at this rate. Sunday afternoon, still nothing. Now there’d only be time for a micro-flash. Sunday early evening, finally, a prompt “Sentence.” How perfect, Marigold thought, because that’s all I have time for now. She tore into her keyboard and submitted her entry, “In a sentence, punctuality is like religion; people define it to suit themselves.”

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