Different Eyes

Sunday Scribbling : treatment

How do you treat a subject you write about?

She likes happy ending,
never bending, hero mending,
story that goes on forever.
Little pain and then the fixing.
Wrap it up in love and
glory. That’s the way
she likes the story.
All God’s children say
amen and there’s a sequel,
death don’t win.

She likes life the way
it is. No Photoshop,
don’t jack with real.
Don’t try to deal, just
show the beauty
bigger pores and dark eye
circles. Leave the makeup, stark
and naked, heroes jaded,
faulty, faded. People lie.
The good can die.

7 thoughts on “Different Eyes

  1. old egg

    I wonder whether when we write, no one really knows what is true and what is not. I loved the way you juxtaposed the two facets of this prompt. Often sadness is masked with humour and we are left to interpret it ourselves. I really liked the punchy rhythm of your poem that hopefully revealed more of you that you intended!

    1. Dee

      Don’t they all reveal little parts of us? Mixing perspective and vocabulary and the parts of us that we see and take out and look at and those that are only seen when someone takes the time to look inside and ask the questions? As Always, thank you Old Egg for stopping by and leaving your insightful comments!

  2. Jae Rose

    Hi Dee – you seemed to gather more and more strength as the lines went on. As OldEgg said the shift in perspective was actually quite unexpected but shows a wise narrator! Thanks as ever for your visit..jae

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