Love’s Seasons

in spring love bursts
like blossoms purple yellow
brightly decked and robust
rain and sun both mellow
friends in spring love
stands impervious
feet planted, hearts open

sun climbs higher in the sky
the sky that looks down on
the wheat that stretches golden
hands to reach for light
and share a bounty
feeding all the hungry
marching together row
upon row arm in arm

grey rain and crispy breeze
gives way to gusts that bend
and curl us round ourselves
foreshadowing cloaking
covering blanketing we
smile and bite the apples
hurrying home to comfort

light the fires close the shutters
each withdraw to hold their warmth
for winters season pulls us from
the streets and fields and meadows
once were green but now asleep
huddled up against the cold
turned inward and half gone
leaving love to melt

poem prompt:

“We Outgrow Love Like Other Things” by Emily Dickinson

We outgrow love like other things
And put it in the drawer,
Till it an antique fashion shows
Like costumes grandsires wore.