I Am Warmed

I am warmed and blessed
by this quilt
I wrap around me
against the night winds
covered in words
of others fingers poised
over other keyboards

pieces shaped and fit together
weaving a fabric luminous dreamed
and stitched sometimes
with tight perfect
aligned never daring to diverge
some raucous with joyous abandon
screaming colors radiant

this piece on the corner was left
by a heart in pain who’s story
wept the warp and weft of
patchwork life sewn together
of bits and flesh and bone
not so pretty but it holds
knotted strength

there is a star embroidered finest gold
on a deep blue velvet
rich with joy and confused
how can it shine alone
but shining anyway
because stars do
what stars do

his words the red and orange
slashes angry stormy bright
she sets lace and lilac
oh so carefully asking please
he cuts stacks of woolen sturdy
she wraps flannel around her head
and rocks and sings

I smooth this cover gently
fingering material of memory
slowly memorizing favorites
wanting to choose my own parts
to be blessed and in return bless
the hearts that sew their row
on row and watch as all are

warmed like me
by work of hands
lives pieces
hearts colors

2 thoughts on “I Am Warmed

  1. Jae Rose

    What a poem full of warmth and sharing..the last verse really clinched it for me – it reminded me of how I feel sharing other people’s words..jae

  2. anno

    Comforting words; love the ways you extended this metaphor. My favorite line: “wept the warp and weft of…”

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