Coyote Dreams

brother coyote whispered a howl
turned off the tv, news all bad anyhow
left piney woods set out for road
the road that leads to horizons past
the angry majority cloistered in cul de sacs
eating sacks of snacks with racks of clothes
closeted in shacks lacking love I’m
thinking, a snarl, a growl I listen now
Coyote said “come closer Jack.”
it was whack, talking smack, walking
through a dry wash with bird squawking
the mountains ahead I was led red sky
hiding day setting, blood letting, climbed
miles and days and rays of flaming sun that
frozen doubt, against  snow that blows
and burns and turns me inside out
coyote tunes were sung.  I followed desert swallows
sent ahead to scout coyote ruins
under indigo moons we saw the planes
dropping money, money burning
money turning, turning all the wheels the
love it steals coyote laughs and laughs
he knows  it’s only moonlight
moonshine in his eyes through
clouds yellowed with age, the page
the story coyote told is written on the desert
and erased by one small drop of rain
but I’ll keep walking singing
stringing dreams and schemes
coyote seems to know but only shows
me what I want to hear and I am lost
the desert swallows up the cost
of walking with coyote

prompt: indigo, desert, Jack, drop of rain, lost