Words In My Coffee

Just a ramble – don’t look for a deeper meaning.  It isn’t there.

Paschal’s in the kitchen
cooking up pork and bean dreams
while Jae roams lost internal landscapes
got me to thinking sinking under
the weight of the words
that come whether they fall on
the paper of stay in the light
I’m just trying to make
sense of it all on a green sky night
write it for Sunday
write it for Wednesday
it don’t matter when it comes
to the end they just
don’t hear you and it’s not real
clear to you why all the words
jump off the page and jumble
in dark recesses excesses of pathos
angst oh just say it out drama bout
the commas where they go and
how you use them sets it all up
you went to the wizard but
he didn’t have much to say
hurts my head that being said
they all just holding out
reaching out leaching out all
the soft cream center leaving nothing
but the hard shell coating voting you
off the page the stage the wages of all
the sinners storing up for winter
ought to share to care to swear they
will they won’t they lie inside the ride
is bumpy roads are paved with gold
but it’s tough digging and you
got to want it bad you had it and
let it slip right through your fingers
lingered a little too long at the table
it’s all scraps now scrape the plates
the late comers warm summers
bubble gummers with their boots on
trampling out the vintage singing out
the rage of plague of latest generation
thought we knew it too but in the end
the answers get all muddy waters
rising analysts apprising us of coming
trends preachers ends mission sends
us all out to the ether nether whether
you like it or not we all just children
all just keepers of brothers and secrets
and mothers rocks their babies watch
them grow and go and march off to the
world to sow the seeds of just another
turn of the screw the world the furled flag
of drag it through the years and
come out smelling like a rose
the thorns the close of every play
ends with a bow they say
no Saturday complete without
the matinee the mellow drama
fellow man my brother sister
twist her up in knots she bends
spindles and mutilates her brain
but rain will wash it all away
the play’s the thing the wing
the heights just leap don’t keep it
under cover hover over all the
rooftop steep drop shop what a fall
we all land here sooner or later
alligator ab initio
then the chorus

4 thoughts on “Words In My Coffee

    1. Dee Post author

      back at you 🙂 I just thank you for all the times you have grabbed my hand and taken me rambling with you, pointing out the sights and sounds on the way…

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