Creativity Stymied

allpoetry prompt – word bank: curtain, serpentine, sentinel, noble, unbound, crystal, finite, reverberate

form – etheree

serpentine thoughts
slither, a sentinel searching
for cohesive nerve connections;
unable to place two words together.
The curtains of the heart shut, no noble
endeavor this. Frustration unbound, needing
one crystal clear chorus, a prayer that
creativity won’t prove finite with
broken edges the mind ever
falls from, unending
reverberation of

6 thoughts on “Creativity Stymied

    1. Dee

      Jae, it actually started out accidentally and when I realized that the shape was happening – I worked to make it continue. Then in a comment on AllPoetry, someone told me it was called an etheree. Not exactly a true one, as the first and last words should be monosyllabic but still – kinda cool 🙂

  1. anno

    I love this! And, I know I haven’t done much with the knowledge, but I appreciate learning about all these different forms of poetry. This one sure is expressive of a mood I’ve known all too well. Hope something in the day helps clear the logjam.

    1. Dee Post author

      yes you have (!) but it has been a revelation for me. I wondered if I would love writing as much without the comments. I love the comments, don’t get me wrong – but I found that I love the writing more. Not telling you to stop commenting lol – but it is good to know.

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