Who Knows Me

AllPoetry contest Prompt: Who are you?

I used to be young
skinny girl kind of snarky
loved the world and sang
the years with friends and
all the ideas my mind would
run though like a thousand
crystal streams

I grew up and had my babies
those were good years
but confusing
I lost me for awhile and
before I could find me
they were grown and off
looking for their own
I surprise them

now I am young again
though my outside
has not caught up
I dream and write and think
and wonder if I have ever
been me or just
a reflection of those
I love

I have wrapped up parts
put them away
like forgotten toys
some broken
some barely touched
many were loved once
some as ugly as the sweater
aunt Alice gave me for

So now I am a little
snarky and a bit pissed
because time is passing
and I have wasted
I won’t ever be guilty of
that again…I will be me
in strength and weakness
joy and pain
I am wading in the water

4 thoughts on “Who Knows Me

  1. anno

    I love the idea of singing the years … this one sure resonated. Bet I would have liked you then; glad to have met you now.

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