Christmas Spirit

We focus on the season
the Christmas spirit
speeds from the sky
whooshes through streets
all around town

It lights on the hand of
the Salvation Army bell ringer
and causes the pause of
the shopper who digs for change
and shrugs and drops in a bill

It glows from the child who smiles
at the lights on the manger
in the downtown square
where the carolers sing Emmanuel
sparkling in eyes

It breathes and the smell of
cookies and pies drift past
the kitchen and down the hall
as a finger holds a ribbon that
becomes a bow

It wraps round the shoulders
of lonely old spouses to lift
grief for a moment and bring
memories of love and family
as the doorbell rings with a gift

It fans the heat from the sidewalk grate
and the homeless man stirs
as a cup of hot cocoa is handed
and a ride to the shelter is given
warm blanket for the night

It melts the snow on shoes in the hall
and rings with laughter and chatter
friends and relatives gather
and smile as children sneak
cookies and hugs

It ruffles the hair of the soldier
opening the package from home
carrying breath of a mother’s
prayer for safety and peace
pride mixed with fear baby boy

It joins in the candlelight service
as Silent Night fades and
folks tramp through the night
to homes remembering, laughing
dreaming, hoping.  For a better new year.

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